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Get Your Curls Back! (Affordable Products)


Growing up I always had my hair out curly, but during my teenage years,  I started styling my hair straight. The straighteners I was using caused alot of heat-damage to my hair and started seeing the change in my curls. For a long time, I searched for treatments to help bring back my curls, but none of them seemed to work. My go-to product was always Pantene, their deep conditioner helped to improve my curls, but it wasn’t enough. Finally, after alot of googling and shopping, I found some great affordable brands that helped to define and keep my curls moistured.  Dippity-do and Marc Anthony, are two of the greatest brands I’ve used to date. It’s up to you which products you choose to use from each brand, but there are particular ones I prefer to use. I made a list below you could follow, but if you choose to mix it up, I’m sure you’ll still see resolutes.



Marc Anthony
Curl Defining Lotion
Hair Treatments



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