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Learn A Little More About Brittany Xavier (Thrifts and Threads)


Thrifts and Treads is one of my favourite fashion sites and I’ve been visiting the page religiously. One of the things that I love about the site is the way it features affordable and trendy clothing to their readers. I’ve always believed that a person doesn’t have to spend a ton of money to look chic and trendy, and it’s something I reinforce on my own site. Most people can not afford $200 t-shirts or $500 dollars shoes, so it’s refreshing to see a site like Thrifts and Treads thrive. As a fashion blogger, I was really interested in learning more about the creator of the site and her journey to success. Her responses were genuine and insightful, so check out the interview below.

Name: Brittany Xavier

Can you tell me a little about your blog?

Thrifts and Threads highlights my personal style with a focus on affordable fashion.

How did you came up with the name “Thrifts and Threads”?

My idea was to feature my thrift and vintage finds as well as items I found from my favorite retail chains. Thrifts and Threads worked to incorporate both of my main focuses.

What makes your site different from other fashion sites?

I don’t feature a ton of designer items. If I’m highlighting a designer, it’s about what’s on trend for the season and I will have a photo of the runway from that particular collection, but overall the items I wear and discuss are from chains like Forever 21, ASOS, Target, H&M, etc.

How did you get started in blogging?

I started my blog in December 2013, after we planned our wedding mainly with items found at thrift stores. The process gave me the inspiration to feature my style finds weekly. I’ve always been a thrifty shopper and I didn’t know exactly what I wanted my site to look like, but I knew I wanted it to be user friendly and informational for others to know about what great finds are out there. First, I decided on my blog name, bought a domain and started learning WordPress with my husband’s help!

Have you always loved fashion and do you have any other passions?

I’ve always loved fashion for sure! I would say I’m passionate about being a mom, I find it such a blessing to have my little girl and want to give her the best life possible!

What has inspired your fashion sense?

Being comfortable is a huge motivating factor for my everyday style! I also love checking out runway collections and consistently read Harper’s Bazaar.

How do you manage being a mother/wife and running a blog/updating your social media?

It’s definitely busy! I have a full-time day job in marketing at an insurance brokerage firm which makes being scheduled very important. My daughter comes first, I don’t work on my blog or responding to e-mails when my daughter is awake, I write all my blog posts at night (usually pretty late)! I also turn down events if it conflicts with her extracurricular schedule, I don’t want to miss anything she’s doing or feel like I’m putting my blog first, especially because I already work full-time during the day.

My hubs also helps me with the business and design part of my blog, so we both work pretty hard during the week and definitely enjoy weekend family time. He’s a huge support and was the one that got me to start a blog in the first place!

Do you have a routine? If you do, what is it?

Definitely! We shoot all my looks for the following week either Saturday or Sunday morning. I try to write all my blog posts for the week Sunday night, but sometimes I have to do it during the week depending on my daily schedule. I post to Instagram (which links to Facebook and Twitter) 3-4 times a day… consistency is key with social media! I respond to blog e-mails either on my lunch break at work or late at night. It seems crazy, but right now it’s flowing pretty well.

You run a very successful fashion site, but I’m sure it took a lot of hard work and dedication. Could you tell me a little about some of the obstacles you may have faced and how you overcame them?

Of course! There are three obstacles that really come to mind: 1) Not having a schedule when I first started. We were still figuring out the camera, what worked for the lighting, etc. Now we are able take three looks in an hour and it goes pretty quick, maximizing time is huge. 2) Figuring out WordPress basics and my site layout… it definitely took time but was worth it to learn, I have more control of my blog using this platform. 3) People not understanding a blog or what was I was doing, I felt I had to explain myself or make people get it- but truthfully, many people don’t understand how online businesses work- I realized I loved what I’m doing and didn’t need to make excuses. Your real friends will support you in what you are doing no matter what.

Lastly, what is some advice you would give to new bloggers?

I recommend you own your site if you are looking to start a blog (rather than using a blog publishing service like Blogspot or Blogger). Stick to your own style and be consistent with content. You won’t be able to build your readership if you rarely have content.

Also, don’t be so focused on social media simply for social media or to have a following- use it in a strategic manner: to drive traffic to your blog, use call to actions.

“Thrifts and Threads highlights my affordable style, thrift and vintage finds plus adventures as a wife and mom.”

For more FAQ’s click here.


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