Three Ways To Wear Ripped Jeans!

If I’m not working or going to a family function, I’m almost guaranteed to be rocking a pair of my ripped jeans. They can be worn for almost any occasion and in many ways. Depending on the look you’re going for,  you can either dress it down or dress it up. Below I’ve picked three great outfit inspirations for wearing ripped jeans.

2. Casual Chic
A pair of ripped jeans worn with timberlands on any runners is the perfect look for a casual/sporty day look.


2. Semi-casual Chic
If you want to dress up your ripped jeans and still want to maintain a casual outfit, rocking it with a pair of heels would be the perfect touch. Just make sure to wear a casual shirt, so you don’t dress it up too much.


3. Dressy Fit Chic
The outfit below is a great example of how to look fancy in your ripped jeans. If you want to wear a pair of your best ripped jeans and still look dressy, wear it with a pair of your best heels and fancy shirts. The combination of the heels and dressy shirt or blazer, will really dress up your look.


Try it out and let me know how it works out for you all.

Shopping Tip- H&M sells ripped jeans for under $30 dollars, thank me later!

Love, Sana Chic.


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